Thursday, May 17, 2012

Between Posts - Still in a Fog

IMG_9578 golden gate bridge fog
Golden Gate Bridge in Fog

Thank you for all your wishes, prayers,and good thoughts for my mother. Her femur is healing beautifully, but unfortunately her mind is on vacation for the time being. She lives next door to my sister now, on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, where she receives 24-hour care.

I don't have the bandwidth to resume blogging, but Pinterest  keeps my creative juices flowing, even if only for five minutes a day. I hope to return to blogging here in the new year.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Full Plate

DSC06616 Salad Nicoise
Salade Ni├žoise from La Boulange de Cole Valley

Sadly, no time for blogging at this time. My mother broke her femur two weeks ago and my energies are devoted to ensuring her speedy recovery. Hope to be back soon.
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