Monday, June 9, 2008


People refer to me as Mary Poppins because of all the stuff I carry in my handbag. You need a band-aid, an Advil, a Sharpie, a piece of gum? How about a flashlight, a recipe, or a doctor referral? I’m your Go-To Girl!

Right now, I’m carrying my Perlina straw bag that I picked up at Loehmann’s last summer. Straw is a great neutral to carry during the summertime. Today you will find:

  • A blue mesh pencil case with my favorite calligraphy fountain pen , black Zig calligraphy dual felt tip pen, Staedler rollerball liquid point pen, a Cross mechanical pencil, mini Mars plastic eraser, and a Scotch paper cutter ( can take on airplanes)
  • Techno nerd toys: my cell phone, iPod, and recently I added a GPS. My cell phone is where I keep books I’m reading, dictionaries (English, Italian, Spanish) , my shopping lists, my favorite recipes, my entire address book, measurements of the rooms in my house, games, etc. etc. etc. My iPod has my music and family photos, vacation photos, and portfolio photos of my artwork. Now that I have a big girl camera, it doesn’t fit in my purse any longer.
  • Wallet
  • Comb
  • Handkerchief
  • A tin box with chewing gum
  • Keys with a tiny halogen flashlight dangling from the keyring
  • A small freebie Laura Mercier makeup bag with a lipstick, lipgloss, earbuds for my ipod and cell phone, dental floss toothpicks, pillbox with Advil, Bufferin, and generic allergy medication, band-aids, and my spring/autumn color palette book which I got when Schnee did my colors.

When my kids were younger, I carried a little gold mesh pouch with more first-aid items in it.

If your eyes are the window your soul, then maybe your purse is a keyhole to your soul.
What would we find in your purse?

Thank you, Relyn, for inspiring this post!


Relyn Lawson said...

Well, of course I love this post. And, I love Mary Poppins. Our posts reminded me of a scene in One Fine Day. Michelle Pfiefer (sp?) creates a costume for her son and George Cluny's daughter out of the contents of her purse. He enviously says, "Where can I get a bag like that?" That's us. Actually, I think you are even more prepared than I.

tangobaby said...

Go-To Girl, indeed! I almost snorted some Cherry Coke out of my nose with the giggles. I know you are holding out on us, though. You have way more stuff in that bag.

Okay Mary. Fess up.

Anonymous said...

Dear relyn,

I haven't seen One Fine Day yet, but I will put it on my Netflix queue.

tangobaby ratted me out. I usually carry even more than that. In my defense, I did say "today you will find", and that was the honest-to-gosh truth.

Dear tangobaby,

I know why you got the giggles, too perfect isn't it?

As for fessing up, me thinks you know me too well.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is please, please return to blogging... this is a wondrous beginning! thank you for coming to my blog to say hello.

studio wellspring said...

i am so the opposite dear dutchbaby. i carry a very small purse, that i call a hand bag instead because i like the sound of it better. i try to carry only the bare minimum at any one time. lip gloss, cell phone, keys, pen, and a cigarette case i use as a wallet. but i'm sure that will change in a big way when i'm a mommy. ;o)
your photo find makes me want to go rent mary poppins ~ i do adore her!

Dutchbaby said...

Dear robin bird,

Thank you for visiting my blog - however brief it is. I would love to return to blogging but I'm giving priority to raising my family at this time. Thanks for the compliment; I adore your blog!

Dear studio wellspring,

I admire your restraint. I don't know where my fear of being unprepared comes from but it's very strong. I also love rising to the occasion. When I was in a fabric shop this summer, a customer asked what mercerized cotton meant. No one in the store knew, so I decided to read the definition straight out of my phone which has the Webster's dictionary loaded in it. It was difficult not to gloat.

I adore the idea of using a cigarette case as a wallet. Knowing your taste, I'm sure it's very beautiful.

A Cuban In London said...

Ah, you forgot the nail-clipper again :-)!

Greetings from London.

Dutchbaby said...

LOL, A Cuban in London! You got me, sort of. I usually carry my nail clipper in the little gold mesh pouch I mentioned, but now I only carry it when I travel. Now that you mention it, I think I either evicted the nail clipper or had it confiscated at airport security. Therefore, you got me fair and square. Oh great, now I'm going to feel hopelessly unprepared.

Thanks for visiting my newly revived blog. I spent some time on your blog - I love all the music and poetry!

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