Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gratitude and Dreams - The Party

I am still feeling the glow of being surrounded by our wonderful friends and reflecting on the sentiments of heartfelt Gratitude and Dreams shared at our party on Saturday.

My daughter came through once again with running many errands, including chasing down the last bit of caviar left in Palo Alto (note to self: buy caviar before New Year's Eve, not on the second!), and by cooking homemade peppermint bark, two pies, and 75 tiny red potatoes stuffed with artichoke hearts and topped with lemon zest and minced garlic.

Michelle Bailey, The Roving Gourmet, made the rest of the food. My favorites were the mini blinis that melted like clouds in my mouth. I could have had twenty, but I had my guests to consider. The home-made gravlax, sushi, and herb-stuffed turkey breast were also very popular.
Last but not least, I received a package of delectable home-made chocolate truffles from Edi the day before the party. Thank you, Edi, they were out of this world!

I rang the jingle-bell to gather the crowd in the living room to share our journal entries.

Here’s a sampling of what our guests shared:
Gratitude 2008:

  • My Dad turning 80, on a Sierra wilderness trip with his sons
  • Almost finished the back yard greenhouse
  • 50 fingers/50 toes are still intact
  • The brow beating to complete college applications is over for now
  • 45 years of marriage with the prospect of many more
  • The end of the dark ages, i.e. The Bush Years
  • Having a job in a tough economy
  • Moving away from an unloving relationship … moving on with my life to restore my ability to care, love, and create…
  • All five of us survived Hurricane Ike as our Partay Garage Tailgate Generator kit saved our day (7 days actually)

Dreams 2009:

  • To hear a sweet little voice say for the very first time “Mormor” (grandmother in Swedish)
  • College goers score summer internships
  • Wife gets backyard re-model,  post Hurricane Ike
  • To think less and do more about my dream to own my own little store/studio
  • Help preserve local history of Palo Alto
  • We will have enough rain this season for a good crop of apricots and tomatoes
  • Travel to re-awaken that part of me that loves far away places
  • Restoring economy
  • Maybe go see our second solar eclipse
May all your dreams come true in 2009!


tangobaby said...

Wow! What a lovely party! As yummy as everything was (because I know the food was phenomenal), the friends must have been the most delicious of all. Thanks for sharing... what a wonderful event you had!

Emily said...

How beautiful your home is! Gorgeous job on the flowers btw!!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my photography. I'm still pretty much in the guessing game mode. "Let's try shutter speed at 1/60 and aperature at 4.6. Cross your fingers. Click."

A Cuban In London said...

Beautiful house and lovely ball! Thanks.

Greetings from London.

beth said...

what a beautiful celebration !!!
everything about it looks like it was perfect in every way !!!

{and my photos....layers and layers being manipulated in many different ways and then being merged with each other}

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad for a peek into your home and your celebration. Everything was lovely and I'm sure delicious, too. You sure do know how to throw a party. Your idea inspired me. I threw a gratitude and dreams party for my second graders on their first day back at school. I told them about your idea. Then, we had popcorn and twizzlers, wrote our lists, shared them, and danced a little. I'd rather eat from your spread, but they were happy.

paris parfait said...

For some odd reason, your photos aren't loading. What a FANTASTIC party! The food, the ideas, the friends and family, the decor - perfect! A great way to kick off the new year in style.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Tangobaby,
You are right, the friends are the very best of all. As for the food, between Michelle and my daughter, the it all was bound to be delicious! BTW, the yukon gold blinis were from the French Laundry cookbook, page 40. You would love them.

Dear Jemm,
Thanks for the compliment! Especially about the flowers, since you are a pro!

Dear Cuban,
Thanks for the compliment. Believe me, my house doesn't always look like this. Just ask tangobaby.

Dear Beth,
Thank you! I was very pleased that it all went well!

Your photos turned out beautiful!

Dear Relyn,
I'm thrilled you had your own G & D party. I would love to hear what your students had to say! Popcorn and twizzlers is more than I ever got in second grade!

Dear Tara,
I assume the photos eventually loaded. I tried reloading them on the post but it aborted. I also don't understand why only the first photo can be enlarged with a double click.

Anyway, thanks for your compliments. I'm humbled by your enthusiasm.

My Castle in Spain said...

C'est superbe !! what a lovely party you had and so lavish...
i love this idea of gratitude and dreams shared with loved ones at the time of the year...

so, may all your dreams come true for 2009 !!

edi gardner said...

:-)) :-)))) So beautiful!!!

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Castle,
Merci beaucoup! I treasure the binder of gratitude and dreams of the past ten years!

Dear Edi,
Thanks for the compliment and also for the amazing chocolate truffles. You are a chocolate magician!

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