Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dutchbaby Needs...

Julie at Moments of Perfect Clarity did a funny meme yesterday. What you do is type "(your name) needs" into google search and list the things that it comes up with. I know this is a lazy post, but hey, it's Sunday.
  1. Di
    ana needs a wealthy husband who can provide her with the high life she craves while sheltering her from the media clamor that follows her every move. (Yes, those blinding flashes of the cameras simply kill me!)
  2. Diana needs drinks and hugs. (Who doesn't?)
  3. Diana needs to vote again. (I'd love to!  Along with a few friends, so we can defeat Prop 8!)
    Diana needs some RAM upgrade. (Sooo Silicon Valley)
  4. Diana needs to assert herself openly and courageously and not to be afraid to make mistakes or stumble. (Alright then, I'm not fixing my font problem here.)
  5. Diana needs to be rewarded with the Lasso of Truth. (Bring it!)
  6. Diana needs to be more complex. (Gee, I know that I'm a simpleton, but was it that obvious?)
  7. Diana needs to stop wasting time (Hey watch it, this post is going to change the world!)
  8. Diana needs to follow up to see how to get involved in the Memorial Day parade and July 4th parades. (I promised my family I would cut down on volunteering)
  9. Diana needs to be in shape. (Please don't remind me)
I'd love to know if you chose to play along.
Photo by Jeffbalke at Flickr.


julochka said...

yours are way better than mine were! dianas must be more fun than julies. what do you think the lasso of truth is? if you encounter it, please do let us know! :-)

Ruth said...

#5 made me giggle.

Ruth said...

Ok mine are so funny I have to post them here:

Ruth needs moola moola (um, yeah!)

Ruth needs a halo! (um, yeah!)

[Lake] Ruth needs to be cleaned so students can enjoy its beauty.

Gabby said...

Well, mine are outstanding and appropriate, even though the gender is off....(I haven't changed a word!)

Gabby needs a new boyfriend
Gabby needs someone to pamper her.
Gabby needs to be traded.
Gabby needs to go sit her boney disease packin, typecast flat ass down
Gabby needs a good old fashioned spanking!
Gabby needs to go far, far away and not come back
Gabby needs a family that will be able to provide her with structure, consistency, and stability.
Gabby needs to go by a box of relaxer or go natural
Gabby needs to have a nap every afternoon.
I think Gabby needs AA.
Gabby needs to lighten up.
Gabby needs to show daddy how to put things away.
Gabby needs to get her edges permed up. It’s not blending well with the weave
Gabby needs to go into the home of an experienced bird person... someone that knows how to handle the macaw attitude

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Julie,
I have Princess Diana to thank for many of these. I had to look up the Lasso of Truth. Apparently it is a tool that Wonder Woman used. It's like a lie detector test.

Dear Ruth,
I was so grateful to have the excuse! All three of yours are so funny!

Dear Gabby,
OMG! You won! I'm still laughing!

LoisW said...

Hey, I did it!! Thanks for the Lazy Sunday idea!

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Middle Aged,
My pleasure! Your post was great!

Relyn Lawson said...

D - I bet I don't get my name once in the news. I'll check. OK - there were three. The first is really me.

1. I don't think Relyn needs any help from me...her collages are amazing. But I'd be flattered to contribute. ;-). July 1, 2008 12:01 PM · katie said. ...

2. Relyn needs friends to help her take over the world. Don't worry, relyn is nice, although she likes to talk about herself in the third person. .. (WHAT!!??!) That's from Harry Potter forums.

3. Relyn needs to calm down! acting hella immature n stuff. OG RIce "You make choices and you never look back!" (NICE!!)

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Relyn,
There are other Relyn's in the world? Amazing! I will help you take over the world.

tangobaby said...

I can't believe I missed this. I just came here from Jax's version. What a hilarious meme. And what the hell is the Lasso of Truth?!

Dutchbaby said...

I bet "Julie needs..." has some great results. The Lasso of Truth is in Wonder Woman's arsenal of weapons. It's like a lie detector test. I sure would have loved to have deployed a Lasso of Truth during some meetings I attended in my corporate days...

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