Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2009 - Part II

DSC05724 Kate Michels
Landscape designer Kate Michels.  Bench by Terra Teak, Mill Valley

Today we will continue our tour of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase on 2830 Pacific Avenue. A Georgian-style mansion was built in 1910, shortly after the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906.

Immediately outside the kitchen, the chef has access to a lovely enclosed herb garden on the breakfast terrace designed by Kate Michels Landscape Design

DSC05723 Kate Michels

Imagine eating an omelet seasoned with fresh herbs from this attractive kitchen garden

DSC05717 SF Designer Showcase kitchen garden

DSC05720 SF Decorator Showcase kitchen garden

Care for a side salad of baby lettuce and edible flowers harvested right here?

DSC05714 baby lettuce bowl
Cement container by Studio Replica

DSC05718 Viola tag

The wooden paneled gate leads into the formal rose garden designed for relaxation or entertaining. In the opening photo, Kate Michels is seated on a classic bench, a reproduction of the bench designed in 1902 by renowned English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. Michels chose beautiful and practical, low-maintenance plants. The white iceberg roses, so well suited for this climate, will bloom profusely throughout the summer. This boxwood grows naturally in a round form; no trimming required.

DSC05728 Buxus semperviren 'Globe'
Buxus semperviren 'Globe'

Orlando Diaz-Azcuy designed this gorgeous patio furniture for McGuire.

McGuire Portico Teak by Orlando Diaz-Azcuy. Photo by Kate Michels.

Diaz-Azcuy also designed the dining room, just inside the French doors.

DSC05732 SF Decorator Showcase dining room

This arrangement of white roses ties the dining room and living room together perfectly.

DSC05731 SF Decorator Showcase white roses

The living room , designed by Myra Hoefer, is meant to be “meditative and inward …for a quiet cocktail after a hurried city day…”

DSC05733 SF Decorator Showcase living room

DSC05734 SF Decorator Showcase living room sofa

“…containing a few modern elements of surprise…”

DSC05735 SF Decorator Showcase living room chairs

DSC05736 SF Decorator Showcase living room chair detail

Down the hallway, The Classic Powder Room Revisited by Marsh & Clark Design combines classic and modern details in a beautiful shade of blue…

DSC05739 SF Decorator Showcase light blue powder room

…with a mosaic tile floor hand-cut and set by Pippa Murray Mosaic

DSC05738 SF Decorator Showcase blue powder room

…and rich Venetian plastering treatment on the walls by Olea Plastering

DSC05740 SF Decorator Showcase blue bathroom walls

This completes the tour of the entry level. Get ready to climb the stairs to the second level next time.


Ruth said...

Ohh, beauty.

The potted herb garden is an inspiration. Reminds me of Alice Waters' back yard in the same part of the world.

I didn't realize box grew round untrimmed.

All the white vases! I have a white pitcher collection. I hadn't thought of it as a table center piece. Wonderful. And that light "fixture" in the dining room! And yes, white as accent, love that.

The living room is more plush than you showed us in the last post's rooms, but still simple and clean.

The powder blue powder room! The mosaic - going up the wall! Everything, just wonderful, that tiny narrow space. I do hope there's a door on that room.

LoisW said...

Love it! The gold handled chairs would look a little ostentatious in my home, but bring on that bathroom floor! For a small bathroom, they really jazzed that thing up!

FogBay said...

Which better describes your feelings in the home?
A. Lovely, I could move in here tomorrow.
B. The designers are showing off, I could live here but I'd have to completely remodel.
C. Other

Anonymous said...

My eyes certainly enjoyed this post :)

Thanks and greetings from Poland


A Cuban In London said...

I loved the patio, that was my favourite feature. Maybe because it's about to hit the 24+ Celsius here in London and I could just picture myself having a Mediterranean lunch with plenty of roasted vegetables whilst sitting on that patio. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Elizabeth said...

The mosaic tile floor and the garden are just to good to be true. Love it and I'm only looking at pictures. LOL

My Castle in Spain said...

love the phrase "powder room" :-)
i quite like the dining table with the row of white potteries
at first, i thought it was a bit heavy but it's quite pleasantly aesthetic

love the patio too !!

Relyn Lawson said...

That powder room. That powder room. Pardon me, but I'm in a full swoon now. My. Oh my, oh my, oh my!!

Dutchbaby said...

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for leaving all these wonderful comments. I'm so Sorry I'm so late in responding. The responses I wrote earlier must have gotten rejected by the software.

Dear Ruth,
Alice Waters has created a wonderful movement to support organic gardens in public schools. Maybe I'll do a post about that one of these days.

The variety of box that does not need trimming is "Buxus semperviren 'Globe'"

Dear MOWB,
I agree with you about those hoofed chairs. I love the colors of the powder room.

Dear Fogbay,
I love your question! The house is fantastic, I could move in tomorrow, but I would not keep all the furniture and decorations here.

Dear Kacper,
I'm so glad you enjoyed this part of the tour.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Cuban,
The patio is fantastic. I especially like the kitchen garden being right next to the kitchen. I'm so glad the sun is finally shining for you! May I serve you some wine with those vegetables?

Dear Elizabeth,
I promise you that my pictures do not do this house justice. It was so fun to roam around from room to room.

Dear Castle,
I think the white pottery would not work during a dinner party because it would be difficult to see each other, but they do make a strong decorative statement.

Dear Relyn,
Judging from the photos of your house, that powder room would blend in beautifully in your home :-)

paris parfait said...

Myra H. has a place in Paris and you can see the city's influence in her work. Really lovely. As for the dining room, it's lovely for the showcase. But I can't imagine having that many white vases - or anything else that cluttered - in the center of the table. A bit distracting when trying to chat to your dining companions, I should think. :)

Dutchbaby said...

Dear paris,
Now that you mention it, I see the Paris influence in Myra H.'s work. I have to be honest though, those chairs are too over the top for my taste.

I agree about the white vases; I heard many comments about their impracticality for real dining. I would have preferred more flowers and less vases.

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