Thursday, July 16, 2009

Packing Tips from a Flight Attendant

Preparing for vacation? Visit Sherri at Postcards and Coasters for some professional packing tips.

I'm reaping the benefits of some of her tips right now.


robin bird said...

i'm thinking of you and your perfect packing flying through the air to your next adventure!

Sherri said...

Thank you... hope you've enjoyed the tips!

LoisW said...

You are reminding me of my days with Ozark Airlines. When you have children that live overseas in places like Africa and Asia, trust me, you learn to pack only what you need. My kids came home last weekend for 4 days and had everything they owned in a backpack.

Much easier! Great tips!

Ruth said...

Hope you have a little wrinkle-free dress you can pull out for any occasion.

Looking forward to your return. We'll swap stories.

paris parfait said...

Enjoy every minute of your journey! Looking forward to seeing your photos, especially of Amsterdam! Safe travels (and you already know, take the bare minimum and have an empty tote bag to bring things back). :) xo

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, I am loving this post. I needed it about two weeks ago. Never fear, I will really need it next summer. Can't wait to hear tips from you, as well.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Robin,
I wish I packed perfectly. I did the worst job packing ever on this trip. I brought waaaay too much stuff. Fortunately, it did not take away from our memorable experience.

Dear Postcards and Coasters,
Your tips were great! I wish I followed more of your advice; especially the one about packing less clothes and using the local laundry facilities. Thanks for your post!

Dear Middle Aged Woman Blogging,
I bet you were a great flight attendant! I would find it very difficult if my children were scattered around the world.

Dear Ruth,
I brought the wrinkle-free dress; never used it. I also brought a fancy silk one for special occasions. The wrinkle-free one would have served just fine. I lost my packing mojo on this trip for some reason. I will get back on the program next time.

Dear paris parfait,
I can't wait to share my photos with all of you!

Dear Relyn,
Sherri gave great tips, didn't she?

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