Monday, September 14, 2009

Sushi Flowers

DSC02211 Sushi Flowers

I'm enrolled in the European Floristry Class at College of San Mateo this semester. Wednesday we made an wedging armature and sushi flowers.

DSC02208 European Floristry Class

DSC02209 Sushi Flowers

Instructor: Wendy Pine
Assignment: Wedging Armature. Use branches to wedge inside the container in order to create an armature.
Floral Materials Provided
  • Red Dogwood branches
  • 4 Aspidistra leaves
  • 15 stems Alstroemeria
  • 1 stem Japanese Pittosporum
  • 2 stems Red River Chrysanthemums
  • 1 stem Chinese Pistache berries
  • Spanish moss
  • Suiban container (a shallow dish without drainage holes)
  • 1 brick floral foam
  • Paper-wrapped binding wire
  • Double-pointed picks
Armature Notes
  1. Think of a horizontal structure when designing this. Think about or draw your design up front. For this assignment, keep structure inside the container.
  2. Cut branches to size where it can wedge into the container.
  3. A little height is nice. (I failed on this front)
  4. Okay to use binding wire to hold branches in place.
  5. Flower Sushis should not more around; insert as many branches as required to hold the flowers in place.
  6. Keep turning container to view arrangement from all directions.
  7. Keep negative space in mind.
    Flower Sushi Notes
      1. Provided enough materials to make at least eight sushi wraps.
      2. Slice aspidistra leaf along vein to cut the “seaweed” wrap.
      3. Alternate wrapping materials that can be used:
        • Hala leaf
        • Magnolia leaf, both sides
        • Ti leaf
        • Galex leaf
        • fabric
      4. Cut floral foam into sushi shape. I created a cone for the handwrap.
      5. Use toothpick to “stitch” Aspidistra leaf around foam.
      6. Insert floral materials into foam. Looks better when you only use one material per sushi.
      7. Work slowly.
      8. Components should not move around container; wedge into armature.
      9. Make sure that armature structure is not covered up by floral materials.
      10. Cut  flowers short in order to cover as much foam as possible.


        CC said...

        Yummy! Good enough to feast my eyes on.

        margie said...

        wow. i am always impressed with this type of creativity. good for you.

        Ruth said...

        Lovely. What are the red stems? Are those green leaves euonymus?

        Dutchbaby said...

        Dear CC,
        Thanks! The credit truly goes to the teacher, Wendy Pine, who created this wonderful assignment.

        Dear margie,
        I love taking classes like these.

        Dear Ruth,
        As you can see, I decided to add all my class notes. This gives me a great head start on the portfolio I must produce at the end of the semester.

        The red stems are red dogwood, and the green variegated leaves are Japanese pittosporum.

        Relyn Lawson said...

        So, so beautiful. I am glad to get a peak at what you are up to. This is more gorgeous than I imagined.

        A Cuban In London said...

        This is as creative as it gets. I absolutely adore it, although I would be too clumsy to try it myself. It's nice to see someone else's amazing artwork.

        Greetings from London.

        Pretty Zesty said...

        a chocolate stakeout? i'm there! haha

        Dutchbaby said...

        Dear Relyn,
        I wish you lived nearby; we could take this class together.

        Dear Cuban,
        I imagine that you are not clumsy at all. I think it takes great dexterity and grace to play a musical instrument; I wish I could play one.

        Dear Kris,
        Oh I'm excited now. Everyone go check out Kris' wonderful blog, she's going to review a New York chocolate for me.

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