Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pumpkin Arrangements

DSC02912 Pumpkin with roses filbert branch and pheasant feathers

I saw in our syllabus for European Floristry class at College of San Mateo that we were to bring a large hollowed-out pumpkin to class. I bought my pumpkin for a pumpkin display on my front porch before our instructor, Wendy Pine, told us that we should bring a medium-sized pumpkin instead a large one.  Due to an e-mail mix-up, I did not get the message that we were also to bring branches and bark to class. Fortunately Tracy, my floral partner-in-crime, tipped me off and I rustled up some just outside our classroom. Though my arrangement turned out okay…

DSC02910 Pumpkin Arrangement

Tracy suggested that I add more floral materials to bring. The arrangement was a little short, given the optical weight of the pumpkin, and the back did not have as much visual interest as the front:

DSC02911 Pumpkin Arrangement back

Since I was hosting book club the next evening, and I needed an arrangement with all-around visual interest, I decided to follow her advice. The taller filbert branch from my yard added a more proper height and millet grass with pheasant feathers left over from here added width.

DSC02912 Halloween appetizers

I am overjoyed to report that the very shy Michael Jackson just gave me permission to let you know that he resurrected himself just to come to book club at my house. Here's proof:

DSC02914 Michael Jackson

Eat your heart out, National Enquirer!

Since everyone at book club enjoyed the pumpkin so much, I decided to make more for gifts. This one had a more ikebana feel to it:

DSC02928 Pumpkin Arrangement

I planned to make one more using a green ironbark pumpkin, but some kids stole it from our front porch on Halloween night. I looked for its remains alongside the other smashed pumpkins on our street, but there was no trace of it. Note to self: bring pumpkins inside next Halloween night.


Jeannette StG said...

I like your Michael Jackson, included his typical smile! And the 2nd arrangement of the pumpkin I actually like better -my personal taste.
Yes, I always do-put my pumpkin inside for the day of Halloween, and after that I bring it outside, to save it for my pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.
You had a busy time, but you did well!!

Marilyn Miller said...

Love your pumpkin arrangements. I once took a floral arranging class and we also did one in a pumpkin. It is so fun!

Ruth said...

"OK"?? It's splendid. My favorite image of it is the second - just perfect. Are those eucalyptus berries? I can't think what they're called.

Sherri said...

Cool Pumpkins... I got 2nd place (costume contest) at a halloween party (second to Michael Jackson). I couldn't compete with the little dance routine he did. :)

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh my gosh, that's fabulous!! I never, ever would have thought of a formal flower arrangement in a pumpkin. You are good, girlfriend!

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Jeannette,
You and Ruth are in agreement. I may have overdone it, but I was going for a more ghoulish Halloween effect. It's always hard to know when to stop. Thanks for your opinion! It's very valuable!

Dear Marilyn Miller,
This really was a fun arrangement to make. I tried to buy another large pumpkin a couple of days ago but there were none to be had.

Dear Ruth,
You and Jeannette like the same one. The second image was definitely more decorative and more organized.

Yes, those are eucalyptus berries. They grow all over the place here. The merchants at the flower mart call them "seeded eucs". Took me forever to figure out what a yook was :)

Dear Postcards and Coasters,
Congratulations! Your costume was fantastic - those lips really suited you :-D Can you imagine if Octamom boarded your airplane with all her children? Ay!

Dear Relyn,
Thanks so much; you are so good for the soul.

robin bird said...

oh how beautiful! and such fun for you to be able to make more than one! the rustling up part made me smile. only you could have found a flower arrangement at the edge of an old sidewalk in under 5 minutes.

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