Monday, February 1, 2010

Macro Monday - There’s a Fungus Among Us

DSC03141 Portabello mushroom gills

It took me forever to figure out that I developed an allergy to mushrooms. I was eager to learn why I was struck down with debilitating migraine headaches that came out of nowhere. I discovered early on that crab cakes were often the culprit -- but not always. The ones made with a mélange of many ingredients were more likely to cause a problem than the flaky ones that consisted only of flaked crab, some herbs, and a few simple binding ingredients. Finally one time, after a fabulous plate of wild mushroom fettuccini, a migraine felled me for a day and a half. Even though I used to eat mushrooms with no ill effects for years and years, I had to face the fact that I could no longer indulge in one of my favorite foods. The saddest realization is that I could no longer eat truffles like these glorious specimen I saw at the Fancy Food Show…

DSC04351 Sabatino Tartufi truffles

… in the Sabatino Tartufi booth:

DSC04352 Sabatino Tartufi booth

There was a time not all that long ago when I would have salivated in wonder seeing a store like this one located in the San Francisco Ferry Building:

DSC03126 Mushroom and Truffle Stand

I can still take pleasure in these magnificent rarities as eye candy:

DSC03134 Nameko Mushroom $5

DSC03135 Tree Oyster Mushrooms

DSC03139 King Trumpet Mushrooms

DSC03144 Pioppini (Agrocybe aegerita)

I might have even gone for one of these mushroom mini-farms…

DSC03127 Mushroom mini-farms

… but now I’m afraid I only see a year’s worth of migraine headaches.

For other Macro Monday close-ups, pop over to Lisa at Lisa's Chaos.


Colleen said...

What a bummer that you are unable to eat a favorite food! They are still lovely to look at.
I love the shot of the Nameko mushrooms. They look like candy!

Kala said...

Mushrooms are a great subject for macros. I need to start shooting them. Well done!

Marilyn Miller said...

How sad to be allergic to mushrooms. The ones you photographed are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos all. Those truffles look like...never mind.

I love mushrooms but my wife hates them. So we don't serve them at home but when we're out, I get hers too. LOL

Unknown said...

Gorgeous pics of the fungi, dutchbaby! It's too bad you can't partake of them, but at least your allergy is identified and hopefully no more migraines?

I'm a mushroom lover, but have never had the opportunity to try truffles. Someday.

Johnny Nutcase said...

mushroom mini farm? how COOL!! is that? I want one. That is a big bummer you can't eat 'em anymore, sorry! no fun! I like mushrooms but some of them weird me out sometimes. I LOVe the pictures you took. Fungus is so pretty, I love these shots!

Ruth said...

I'm so sad for you! I don't know if I could survive, especially now that we're avoiding meat almost altogether. Fungi are my meat!

These mushrooms and your photos are tantalizing.

LoisW said...

Great photos! Spring is right around the corner and all the mushrooms hunters will be out and about! Love the Morel!

A Cuban In London said...

What a pity that you can't eat mushrooms! One of my favourite foods ever! Love them with a traditional English breakfast.

Many thanks for the lovely images.

Greetings from London.

rochambeau said...

Happy New Year Dutch Baby!!!
So sad to hear you can't eat mushrooms. ;-( BUT happy to know you realized you can't. ALSO, thank you for all the fancy food pics.
Hugs to you!

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Colleen,
It is a bummer, I used to love them so. But I have very few allergies so I consider myself lucky.

Dear Kala,
I hope you do; I'm curious to see your photos. Thanks!

Dear Marilyn,
Thank you. Fortunately there are lots of other foods I love.

Dear awarewriter,
lol about your comment on the truffles :-D

My husband is allergic to cheese, so he asks for it on the side and I have the option to get double cheese. I'm so lucky.

Dear Susan,
Thankfully I don't have migraines any longer. I'm so glad I figured it out. I think many people who suffer from migraines don't think to look at what they eat.

Dear Johnny Nutcase,
I knew you'd love that farm. Maybe you can swing by the Ferry Building next time you visit your in-laws and pick one up. I know what you mean with some mushrooms; sometimes they are a little too earthy-tasting.

Dear Ruth,
Lucky you! I don't eat much red meat any more - maybe once a month, if that. I do wish eating chanterelles, my favorite.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Middle Aged Woman Blogging,
Thanks! Are there lots of mushrooms in Peoria? Morels are great mushrooms!

Dear Cuban,
I love a traditional breakfast with kippers! Oh how I wish I had a plate of them right now.

Dear rochambeau,
Happy New Year to you too, Constance! I'm happy and sad all at the same time. I definitely don't miss the migraines.

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