Saturday, February 13, 2010

Macro Monday: Petal by Petal

DSC04666 red roses


Life is a stream
On which we strew
Petal by petal the flower of our heart;
The end lost in dream,
They float past our view,
We only watch their glad, early start.
Freighted with hope,
Crimsoned with joy,
We scatter the leaves of our opening rose;
Their widening scope,
Their distant employ,
We never shall know. And the stream as it flows
Sweeps them away,
Each one is gone
Ever beyond into infinite ways.
We alone stay
While years hurry on,
The flower fared forth, though its fragrance still stays.

by Amy Lowell (1874-1925)

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Relyn Lawson said...

Hey, you. I miss you. I miss you! I am so, so far behind on my blog visiting. But, here it is nearly Valentine's Day and I had to stop by and wish you a great one. A wish from me:

On this day, may you know, really know how much you are loved. May you recognize love in all it's forms. May you be grateful for the love of children and pets, old friendships and your husband. May your heart swell with all the beauty this life brings. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend.

Ruth said...

It's beautiful to imagine our love going out like that, not knowing where it ends up, who it affects. Just wonderful to think of today, thank you so much. Valentine's Day can be about so much more than romantic love.

Lots of love to you, my dear.

Unknown said...

Beautiful roses and beautiful poem.

Happy Valentine's Day, dutchbaby!


CC said...

Very beautiful, Diane.
A keeper.
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

LoisW said...

Beautiful!! Love the sentiments and the gorgeous roses!

Ginnie said...

Do you know that Ruth is my sister, DB? So I have loved reading her comment after your text. She is right. This is a day of much more than romantic love!

Johnny Nutcase said...

Liking the poem and those roses are awesome, bet the smell pretty fantastic too, nice!

Marilyn Miller said...

"Crimsoned with joy" Such a lovely image of red roses. Thanks for the picture and words.

Victoria said...

Wonderfully inspiring post! Gorgeous reds...vivid..yet..soft and serene as well..beautiful!

Kala said...

Beautiful roses - hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

Kerri Farley said...


jay said...

Very thought-provoking words. I love the picture you've chosen to go with them, too!

Ruth said...

Yes, thank you, I would like to move out there by you. I'll start packing . . .

Thank you also for the tips on miso. I browsed at the Asian Market the other day (before your comeback comment) and was overwhelmed with the choices. But I didn't want to ask the help at the market after they didn't know what seitan was. I've been looking all over for it, after finding some recipes. I might have to just order it online. Do you ever use it, my Foodie friend?

Anonymous said...

Great perspective and color.

Amanda Moore said...

Those roses are VaVoom!wonderful job!

Unknown said...

So pretty! You must have been a good girl!

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Relyn,
I know you get busy with your classroom of twenty, especially during Valentine season. Thank you for lovely Valentine wishes.

Dear Ruth,
It took me a long, long time to find a poem that I thought matched the image. This one truly touched me.

Dear Susan,
I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day also.

Dear CC,
Thank you, I had a great one and I hope you did too.

Dear Middle Aged Woman Blogging,
Thanks! I'm sending a petal your way.

Dear Ginnie,
Yes, I'm sorry I failed to tell you that I came to your blog after reading your comments at Ruth's for a long time. I love seeing and reading about Holland from your perspective. Let me float a couple of petals down the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal, over the Atlantic to you and Astrid.

Dear Johnny Nutcase,
I snapped this photo at the San Francisco Flower Mart. Yes, the entire warehouse always smells fantastic!

Dear Marilyn,
I'm not a frequent poetry reader but I loved this one for so many reasons.

Dear Kiki,
Thank you so much!I'm glad you like it.

Dear Kala,
Thank you! Yes, we had a wonderful relaxing Valentine's Day. We took a beautiful long walk, enjoying the wonderful weather.

Dear Kerri,

Dear jay,
I agree about the poem. Thanks, I'm glad you liked my pairing.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Ruth,
I must confess that I've not heard of seitan either. I know what you mean about getting overwhelmed by all the miso choices; I always ask for help. I'm guessing that your Asian grocer will be able to help you the right miso for that dressing.

Dear awarewriter,
Thank you for noticing the perspective!

Dear moorebloglife,
Agreed; I love the color of these roses.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Lisaschaos,
Actually, these are just some roses I saw at the flower mart a few days before Valentine's Day. The two bouquets my husband gave me are made with mixed flowers and still look great!

CameoRoze (Margaret) said...

I'd love to bury my head in the bouquet and breathe in the aroma!

Lovin' Macro Monday,
Cameo @-->-->---

gel said...

beautiful angle and rich color.
Love this poem. She's inspired me.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Margaret,
And I would love to take a photo of you doing so!

Dear gel,
Thank you. I'm so glad you are inspired too. She painted such a vivid image didn't she?

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