Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Surrey's Cafe & Juice Bar - New Orleans, LA

20100507_0700 Mardi Gras sunbathing

Where would you be able to have a delicious, meaty crabmelt sandwich with a fresh green salad and a side of grits with cheddar cheese...

20100507_0701 Crabmelt and cheese grits

...and a thirst-quenching strawberry-watermelon limeade that is as delicious as it looks...

20100507_0699 Strawberry Watermelon Limeade

...under a bisected bathing beauty wearing a bikini fashioned out of mardi gras beads?

20100507_0698 Surrey's Juice Bar

At Surrey's Cafe & Juice Bar on 1418 Magazine Street in New Orleans, that's where.

20100507_0702 Surrey's Cafe & Juice Bar

My daughter and I highly recommend it.


Pretty Zesty said...

That cocktail looks fantastic!

Kala said...

I haven't been to New Orleans in 20 years! Looks like you had a fabulous time.

rochambeau said...

Oh THANK YOU! What's not to like?
Sounds and looks stupendous! The flying bathing beauty is a kick!!
Welcome home Dutchbaby!
Love this post!


Vagabonde said...

I have been traveling, first to friends in Tennessee then to Baltimore last week. I read all your past posts though. About baseball – your daughter would have loved to stay with us, we were on the 15th floor of an hotel in front of Camden Yard, the home of the Baltimore Orioles and two blocks from Babe Ruth’s birthplace. I took many pictures and shall do a post on Baltimore soon.
Your pictures of the lake in Oregon are dreamy. For years, in front of my computer at work, I had one of the pictures I took of the Oregon Coast – when I was stressed out I would just stare at the picture, then I would feel much better.
I enjoyed your post on Frank Lloyd Wright and the pictures. What an artist he was. When my husband was getting his graduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, school of Landscape Architecture and Planning, his professor, Ian McHarg asked us to home sit his home for a weekend. His house was a FLW house and so beautiful. I still remember that weekend as an enchanted one.
I am in awe at all the beautiful work you did for the wedding in Houston – you were a great part in making this wedding unforgettable I am sure.
And finally I’d love to taste your New Orleans crab sandwich – I just had some great crabs in Baltimore and am ready for more. Now I’ll have to go back and start writing a new post (my current post speaks of San Francisco.)

Marilyn Miller said...

Yummy! That looks so delicious and fun too.

margie said...

just this week we were fantasizing about the places we wanted to visit. new orleans was on my list.

Unknown said...

OMG! Now I know what to do with that huge bag of Mardi Gras beads I have stashed in the bedroom closet!! And here I've been thinking I would have to shop for a new swimsuit pretty soon! LOL

Well, that's one restaurant we didn't visit when we lived in LA, but if I ever go back, I will have to have one of those crabmeat sammies! That looks scrumptious!

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Kris,
The limeade was non-alcoholic but you've given me a great idea. I'm sure a shot of tequila would enhance the flavors...and my mood. :-D

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Kala,
It's difficult not to have a great time in New Orleans. I hope you have another chance to visit soon.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Constance,
Thank YOU for introducing me to some of the delightful shops on Magazine Street. I truly enjoyed walking in your footsteps. I hope you have a chance to visit Surrey's on your next visit. BTW, we forgot to order the grits with shrimp that our cousin highly recommended to us.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Vagabonde,
I always enjoy getting your long responses to my random posts. How generous of you to entertain the thought of hosting my baseball-fanatic daughter two blocks from Babe Ruth's birthplace. What a spirit that place must hold. I look forward to seeing your photos of Baltimore.

I love the idea of printing one of my Oregon photos as a place of refuge. Susan of Bear Swamp Reflections (http://bearswampreflections.blogspot.com/), see three comments down, is planning to use one of the covered bridge images in her bedroom. Just this morning I was pondering what to hang over our master bathroom tub because the wreath that's hanging there now is getting a bit over the hill. I have never tried to print one of my photos on real photo paper before; I may have to give it a whirl.

It must have been incredible to house sit in an FLW home; what a great memory. I love the civic center he designed in Marin County. I keep meaning to take photos there.

I just returned from your wonderful San Francisco post. It was a great journey to the days of peace, love, and macramé.

Ginnie said...

It's so good to see New Orleans has come back to its glory after all it's been through!

Ruth said...

This is such a riot of color and joy that I am smiling sitting in the sun coming through the window, feeling content.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Marilyn,
Yes it was both delicious and fun! I'm sorry I didn't think to take a photo of the crab sandwich until we were more than half finished with it.

Dear margie,
New Orleans is more fun to visit than ever. I hope it bubbles to the top of your list.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Susan,
LOL! Fashion show time; come on, don't be shy. :-D

That crab sandwich was wonderful. Our cousin who recommended it told us that her friend at first thought it was a chicken sandwich because it was so meaty.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Ginnie,
It is fantastic how this city has managed to rebuild itself. I'm furious about the oil leak that is dumping millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf.

Dear Ruth,
The New Orleanians have color, joy, music, and food down to a science. It's impossible not to be affected by it all.

Relyn Lawson said...

I love quirky places like that, where the personalities of the owners shine through. I love homes like that, too.

California Girl said...

There are no bad places to eat or drink in NO! Fun photos. Sad to know what these people are facing from the oil spill, as well as the short & long term effects for the planet.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Relyn,
I'm with you on that! I don't like a home that looks like it all came out of one store.

Dear California Girl,
I agree with you about NOLA! I am incensed about the oil spill. It's infuriating to learn that BP did not have an adequate disaster recovery plan in place. The people of New Orleans will be paying the price for this irresponsible corporate behavior for years to come.

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