Friday, June 25, 2010

Poffertjes in Amsterdam

DSC01632 poffertjes restaurant


That was the answer when I asked the kids what they were looking forward to when we go to Amsterdam for a few days on our way home from Africa.

We stayed at a hotel on Stadthouderskade across the canal from Leidseplein. Poffertjes are usually sold from street carts in the fall and winter, but as luck would have it, directly across the street was the Poffertjes Restaurant.

DSC00490 poffertje restaurant

I don't know what the connection between carousels and poffertjes are, but many poffertjes stands and restaurants feature carousel decorations.

DSC01508 poffertjes restaurant

DSC01509 poffertjes restaurant

DSC01506 poffertjes

What are poffertjes, you ask? They are tiny pancakes, about the size of sand dollars. If you're familiar with the Danish Æbleskiver, it is similar in size except that Æbleskivers are perfectly spherical. Poffertjes are flatter, cooked on a special shallowly-dimpled griddle. This one looks like it's been in service for a very long time.

DSC00497 pofferty griddle

DSC01634 poffertjes flipped

Once they are browned on both sides the poffertjes are ready to serve, one dozen at a time...

DSC01636 plating poffertjes

...with a tiny pat of butter, a small dash of powdered sugar, and just a tad of whipped cream. The strawberries clearly make this a health food.

DSC01637 poffertjes

The only way to eat them is with reckless abandon.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...


rochambeau said...

The most amazing spot! I so relate to the entire thing! Thank you Dutch B for sharing!!


Hows your flower tests going?

CC said...

How did I miss these when I was in Amsterdam? Wish I'd known you then!

I loved Amsterdam so I wouldn't mind a follow up visit.

I think I gained 10 lbs. just reading your post and viewing the pictures.


Jeannette StG said...

Oh you got me going, girl!
I gave my kids each a poffertjes pan, and when I visit them, I bring 'em a package of poffertjes mix from the Dutch store here in L.A.
But it always tastes better when someone else makes them:)

Ruth said...

It's a poffertjes circus! And I'm gonna eat a plate with reckless abandon and then go paste myself to the wall next to those girls. But I'm not taking off my shirt. (My belly will be too big with poffertjes.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for my virtual vacation...these pics make me wish I were there...and especially for those pancakes, OMGosh, they look so yummy!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I really appreciate the nice comments!

Dandy said...

Wow! Great pictures. I love Amsterdam, too. Thank you so much for your kind words about my post on my dad. :)

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure I could tuck away a couple dozen of those yummy-looking confections, especially with the strawberries and a nice big dollop of that real whipped cream. Heaven! I'm with Ruth though; I wouldn't be taking off my shirt!

Kala said...

Absolutely scrumptious looking!

Ginnie said...

And to think I haven't had them yet here in Holland, DB! I HAVE had the pannenkoeken, however, and am ready to go back again...! :)

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh, I could eat that plate of them right now and with strawberries, yummmm!

chasity said...

oh my...that looks delicious!

i love the carnival/carousel look of the restaurant.
what a fun place to eat.

Relyn Lawson said...

YUM!! I absolutely love picturing you in Amsterdam. I'm only a little jealous.

rochambeau said...

Came back to try another poffertje!!

Unknown said...

First I want to apologize for being so slow making it around, my son got married over the weekend and the extra house guests involved have made me a little slower than usual.

How fun! they look yummy! I love that huge pan for making them!

Sherri said...

Wow! That looks really good... I'll have to remember that the next time I'm there.

Good luck with your wedding. I'm sure more beautiful flowers for a lucky bride.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Natalie,
Conversation is not required when you have a hot plate of poffertjes.

Here's a napkin.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear rochambeau,
I can visualize you and your mother sharing a plate of these while pointing out details of the carousel decorations to each other.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear CC,
I firmly believe that the strawberries cancel out all other calories on the plate. I hope you get to Amsterdam again. I'm happy to report that it hasn't lost its charm.

Elizabeth said...

Poffertjes, lekker. Bedankt dat je me lekker hebt laten kwijlen met die foto van poffertjes deluxe. Hoewel ik poffertjes met zoveel slagroom en een aantal aardbeien niet echt gezond zou noemen.

Groetjes van de nederlandse uit het land van de æbleskiver

Dutchbaby said...

Dear jeannette,
I often made poffertjes for the kids' sleepover friends. I wonder if my daughter will want a poffertje pan when she moves out of the dorm next year.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Ruth,
Oh what a visual! You, with your bulging tummy and white powdered sugar on your nose, hanging on the wall :)

Dutchbaby said...

Dear tammymcchesney,
Glad you enjoyed your taste of Amsterdam!

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Dandy,
Thank you! I loved visiting the sister homes in your blog.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Susan,
Oh yeah, poffertjes slide down pretty easily. One dozen, two dozen, so hard to keep count -- they're small, after all.

Don't worry, Amsterdam is the kind of place that even if both you and Ruth took off your shirts, I'm not sure anyone would take note.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Kala,
They taste as good as they look!

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Ginnie,
Please make haste and order a plate of poffertjes as soon as possible. I do miss the spek en appel pannekoeken, now that you mention it.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Marilyn,
Yes, the strawberries really make it. So rich otherwise.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear chasity,
The atmosphere really was festive in that restaurant.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Relyn,
I love picturing me in Amsterdam too. Our four-day visit last summer was just perfect.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Constance and rochambeau,
Yes please, there's plenty!

In our circle of friends we call this tapering. The best way to describe tapering is when Thanksgiving dinner is done and the table has been cleared, there are always a few people who sneak into the kitchen to snag a sliver of turkey breast or a tiny helping of stuffing. We consider this an art form and I believe you are already a tapering artist :-D

Dutchbaby said...

Dear lisaschaos,
Congratulations on your son's wedding! No apologies needed; look at how long it's taking me to respond to this post :-{

I love that huge griddle too. I just counted; there are 240 dimples in that griddle. Amazing. Imagine keeping track of all of them.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Postcards and Coasters,
Have an extra dozen for me :-)

The wedding went beautifully; thanks for the well wishes.

Dutchbaby said...

Lieve Elizabeth,
Ik ben blij dat je de poffertjes genootte. Ik zei slechts dat ze gezond waren met een knipoogje.

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