Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Defining Moment in History

Oh what a night!

The ever-gracious Mor Mor Kris hosted the historic election night in her beautiful home. We ate gourmet cheeses, delicious chili, and Obama cookies:

We shared our voting stories. One guest drove a colleague to her precinct in East Palo Alto yesterday. The precinct worker told the colleage that she could not vote because she did not speak enough English. Fortunately, our friend was able to reach an attorney on his cell phone and within a half hour, the colleague was able to vote and the precinct worker was ejected. YES! Obama’s campaign had a pool of 5,000 lawyers available for all voters. Evidence of another stone that was not left unturned in Obama’s amazing campaign!

It was a long, hard campaign, but now victory was ours, fair and square. There were tears of joy, shouts of triumph, clenched fists of victory, and lots of champagne!

I am thrilled that I can travel abroad now without having to apologize for our administration. I wish Barack Obama wisdom and strength as he embarks on this historic journey.

Speaking of the future, I am honored to be nominated to run alongside tangobaby in her administration of 2012. I am looking forward to making lots of patriotic arrangements and bouquets and readying the compost bin ;-)


tangobaby said...

That honestly might be the most memorable moment of my life. I can't seem to stop reliving many tiny moments of yesterday.

As for MY administration, maybe we should wait until 2016 and give Obama the eight years he'll need before passing the torch to the new breed of politician that our country wants.


ps. I like those cookies very much!

Dutchbaby said...

I've been weepy all day long, mostly from listening to the world's response.

Great minds think alike, I agree that 2016 is a wiser choice.

My favorite cookie is the one that says "THAT ONE" :)

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