Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Olde Good Things Antiques in New York City

On the same day that I found all of the Bakelite treasures, I followed Pamela Keech’s other recommendations in the “Chelsea – Antiques, Collectibles, and Vintage Stores” chapter of her excellent book The Curious Shopper’s Guide to New York City, Inside Manhattan’s Shopping Districts. First, I was greeted by a lovable pair of laughing lions. Maybe the Circus Center that Tangobaby recently mentioned should procure them. I think they are water fountains; how fun would it be to stick your head in to take a drink of water? Then I stepped inside Olde Good Things:

While I waited for assistance from one of the “architecturologists”, the self-anointed title of the staff, I came across a striking statue of Diana the Huntress:

Keech promised that this was the place for architectural antiques. Staff members follow wrecking balls all over North and South America hunting for architectural treasures. I’ve heard of ambulance chasers, but I’ve never heard of wrecking-ball chasers. Once it was my turn, I got the undivided attention of one of the architecturologists. My husband is from New Orleans and I was planning to decorate our guestroom in a New Orleans style with a modern twist. I told her I was looking for vintage door hardware. Was I looking for strike plates?

Or was it escutcheons?

No, I was looking for door knobs. 

Like these?

Yes, very nice, but do you have glass door knobs?

I guess you do have glass door knobs. These porcelain ones in this glass case look very interesting to me, do you have more?

My goodness! I’ve never seen brown porcelain door knobs before; I love the black ones.

You wouldn’t happen to have matching black porcelain cabinet hardware would you?

Pretty remarkable isn’t it? It turns out I couldn’t quite make a set of ten compatible knobs, but I have the photo and I was told that I can put an order in and they will call me when the wrecking ball scores some mates for these cabinet knobs. This is only one example of the depth of merchandise they carry. You can even own a piece of history and buy a piece of stained glass window by glass artist Robert Sowers that were excavated from JFK International Airport. Their website states that they have over 2,000 doors in stock. I believe it! Down the street, I saw a couple of light fixtures that caught my eye. This chandelier is not really my style, but I'd never seen turquoise teardrops like these before:

This light fixture, however, is very much my style:

Oh to have an infinite amount of wall space!

Next time, we go fabric shopping!

Olde Good Things (New York)


A Cuban In London said...

Oh, the first photo! I loved it. So natural. Good post. New York, New York. I have read approximately four or five posts about New York in two days and I can't wait anymore. It's the one city I would love to visit before I die.


Greetings from London.

Emily said...

I love these places! Check out my post under label "Trips" entitled "Getaway Weekend". The zoo I always went to as a child had one of these lion water fountains. Very cool.

Illuminated Manuscripts Workshop said...

Hi Dutchbaby: Been following your blog for awhile, every since I saw we where kindred spirits w/lace/vintage textiles. Have to tell you I lived in NYC area nearly 10yrs -- but I'm amazed at all the treasures you found. I will be buyin' the book "The Curious Shopper’s Guide to New York City, Inside Manhattan’s Shopping Districts" and gettin' on the train. WOW! Who new. Thanks for the info.

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Cuban,

Thanks for the compliment! New York is a remarkable city - you will love the music scene!

Dear Jemm,

So the lions are water fountains! Thanks for confirming.

Funny that we had parallel posts!

Dear Paper Girl,

Welcome to my blog! I know you will enjoy the book!

Illuminated Manuscripts Workshop said...

thanks for the link to an inexpensive copy of the book. Can't wait for it to arrive.

edi gardner said...

I see them in Brimfield every year. The have the most exquisite mantels and garden ornaments

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Paper Girl,
My pleasure. Enjoy!

Dear Edi Style,
I googled to see what Brimfield was. That looks like an worthwhile show to attend! It looks like I'm going to miss it. I need to be CT one week before the show and two weeks after the show. Rats!

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh. My. Gosh!! I really, really want to go shopping with you. The first picture is truly amazing. I would love, love, love to purchase those and install them in my school in the lower grade hall. Wouldn't that be delightful?

Dutchbaby said...

Dear Relyn,
I really, really want to shopping with you. What a brilliant idea to place the water fountains in an elementary school! The kids would never be dehydrated!

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