Monday, April 18, 2011

Macro Monday - Bouquets to Art 2011

DSC05848 Pico Soriano

We saw it from across the room, drawn to the billowing spheres of  baby's breath (gypsophila) puffing above the train. The cars rolling across the rust tracks...

IMG_2987 Pico Soriano

... filled with exotic riches from around the world: leucadendron from Down Under, orchids from the Orient, roses from Europe, with purple artichokes, sunflowers (sans yellow petals), and fiddlehead ferns from our own West Coast. 

DSC05846 Pico Soriano

Pico Soriano submitted yet another whimsical arrangement for Bouquets to Art 2011. See his 2010 entry here and the one from 2009 here.


While Pico's arrangement could be appreciated from afar, Fantasy Florals' understated piece invited closer attention...

DSC05891 Fantasy Florals

 ...from all angles.

DSC05890 Fantasy Florals


I was convinced that De Voy Designs was interpreting a tiny red portion of  Richard Diebenkorn's Seawall...

DSC05901 De Voy Designs

...but Stephanie set me straight and told me that Kiwi DeVoy paired her pave arrangement with Jay DeFeo's Mountain No. 2

DSC05902 Kiwi DeVoy

For all you Macro Monday lovers, here is a close-up of the red amaryllis, white odontoglossum orchids and  black aeonium succulents.

DSC05905 Kiwi DeVoy

It is difficult to decide whether Alena Jean Whiting's beautifully-proportioned abstract accessorizes Mark Rothko's Untitled (1949)...

DSC05899 Alena Jean Whiting - Rothko

...or whether it inhabits it. Remarkable.

DSC05900 Alena Jean Whiting - Rothko

Splash Events' decision to use spider orchids was stellar.

DSC05910 Splash Events

My mother's favorite entry was Pat Friday's rich interpretation of Surface of the Moon

DSC05743 Pat Friday - Surface of the Moon

The interplay of textures and the restrained palette had many of us in awe of Friday's work of art. See more of the impressive mechanics here.

DSC05896 Pat Friday - Surface of the Moon

Michael Daigian interpreted a crater here on Planet Earth, specifically Michael Light's Mono Craters 07.17.06 #10, taken near Yosemite National Park.

DSC05885 Michael Daigian

I sat next to Michael and his lovely wife on the shuttle bus. He told me that they had just returned from Hawaii and was inspired by the volcanic lava on the Big Island. 

DSC05887 Michael Daigian

I will close with the newest work of art I covered in this mini-series of Bouquets to Art 2011. Peggy O'Neill did an admirable job extending Rupert Garcia's Obama from Douglass, 2010.

IMG_2993 Peggy O'Neill - Obama from Douglass

Please visit Lisa's Chaos to view many beautiful Macro Monday photos. 
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