Friday, November 4, 2011

Traditional Quilts of California at Pacific International Quilt Festival XX

DSC06997 Crazy in Black and White

California quilters had a productive year this year. Here is a sampling of my favorite traditional quilts that were shown in the Pacific International Quilt Festival XX.

Geraldine Nall's miniature wall quilt stopped me in my tracks. She used a mind-boggling 6,300 pieces of fabric to create a quilt that is a mere 23" square. Using only the pineapple blocks pattern, Nall created 140 tiny 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" squares. The result is a stunning, balanced interplay of black and white.

  DSC06998 Crazy in Black and White

Diana Tatro belongs to a group of sixteen quilters that exchanges quilt blocks each year.

DSC07007  Bloomin' Baskets

This year's red and white basket theme created the building blocks that produced a beautiful quilt with unity and rhythm.

DSC07008  Bloomin' Baskets

Holly Casey drew inspiration for this striking blue and gold Dizzy Geese quilt from a book by L. Amanda Owens and Patricia Wilens. I like the trend-setting geese in the lower right corner.

DSC06861 Dizzy Geese

Clem Buzick and Ann Helbling created "Maritime in Red"...

DSC06987 Maritime in Red

...with intricate quilt motifs.

DSC06988 Maritime in Red

Next time, the innovative quilts. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stanford Pumpkins 2011

DSC07127 Stanford Pumpkins 2011 - ghoul

The Stanford University art students turned in their homework last night. Their assignment was to carve a pumpkin that says "Boo".

DSC07104 Stanford Pumpkins 2011 three

DSC07102 Stanford Pumpkins 2011  - face

DSC07117 Stanford Pumpkins 2011

DSC07112   Stanford Pumpkins 2011 - giraffe

Just when you thought you've seen every imaginable design, take a look at this one:

DSC07116 Stanford Pumpkins 2011 - jigsaw

See previous years' Stanford Pumpkins here and here.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween at Pacific International Quilt Fest XX

DSC06860 M&M Ruffle

For all you overachieving recyclers out there, I have a suggestion for what you can do with the Halloween candy wrappers your kids will be bringing home tomorrow night. You can follow in Charlotte Kruk & Carol Traumiller's footsteps and get a head start on next year's Halloween costume.

DSC06858 M&M dress
"Flam & Menco" by mother-daughter team: Charlotte Kruk & Carol Traumiller 

Or you can be inspired by Flora Story and create an original Halloween quilt and ask June Hollister to do the long-arm quillting for you.

DSC06804 Witches R Us  - Flora Story  June Hollister
"Witches 'R' Us" by Flora Story and June Hollister

If don't have time to do either of these projects, perhaps you can buy a kit to make this whimsical wall quilt. The candy corns are buttons that may be purchased separately.

DSC06969 Candy Corn Lane
"Candy Corn Lane", Quilt pattern and kit by Holly Hill Quilt Designs

All three projects seen at the Pacific International Quilt Festival XX in Santa Clara, CA

Enjoy your Halloween!
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