Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Groundskeepers at AT & T Park

DSC05902 AT&T Park fold tarp 4

Many will say that our family is passionate about baseball. My daughter and I returned from watching three spring training games in Scottsdale, Arizona on Monday and she ordered tickets for a pre-season exhibition game at AT & T Park for all four of us on Friday. The kids love arriving at the park as soon as the doors open so that they can watch batting practice in hopes of catching a ball. It had rained on and off all afternoon and I was concerned that the game would be called off. The kids assured me that the game would still be on because they have awesome groundskeepers at AT & T Park. When we arrived, the diamond was covered by the most ginormous tarp I have ever seen.

DSC05895  AT&T Park groundskeepers and tarp

It was still blanketed with a substantial layer of water. 

DSC05892 AT&T Park groundskeepers

After most of the water was squeegeed off, the groundskeepers began the business of folding the tarp with a running start:

DSC05901 AT&T Park fold tarp 3

By the time they got to the outfield, the drenched tarp was a heavy load to haul:

DSC05906 AT&T Park fold tarp 8

Then they performed a precisely choreographed sequence of folds:

DSC05912 AT&T Park fold tarp 12

DSC05919 AT&T Park fold tarp 19

DSC05921 AT&T Park fold tarp 21

DSC05923 AT&T Park fold tarp 23

DSC05924 AT&T Park fold tarp 24

DSC05935 AT&T Park fold tarp 35

Let's give a round of applause to the great groundskeeper crew...

DSC05939 AT&T Park groundskeepers

...for preparing the field for a perfect night of baseball!

DSC05969 AT&T park

To see my slideshow of the tarp folding, click here.

I wish I knew how to easily add music to my Flickr slideshow (I'm open to suggestions). If I could, I would have used Bobby Darin's first hit "Splish Splash".

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