Sunday, August 14, 2011

AIFD Symposium 2011 - Lobby Flowers

IMG_5371 lobby arrangement detail

The day after my flower partner Tracy and I checked into the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, Bloomster's capable crew installed the remaining lobby flowers. Wil Gonzalez, AIFD was responsible for the lobby flowers for the week of American Institute of Floral Design's 2011 Symposium. He wisely chose to collaborate with local florist Kren Rasmussen, AIFD. He brought the seeds of ideas to their first meeting several months prior to the event, and Kren sowed them to transform the lobby into the Garden of Eden.

Guests arriving from the Fifth Street entrance walked down the ramp...

IMG_5324 lobby arrangement

...flanked by tropical terrariums the team created inside the glass banisters.

IMG_5326 lobby arrangement

Here is Kren moving a tall arrangement into place by the elevator bank, while his crew is waiting with the bamboo-pole armature...

IMG_5333 lobby arrangement - Kren Rasmussen

...which brought these works of art to new heights. 

IMG_5345 lobby arrangements

We were plenty impressed with the two oversized spray arrangements of Eremerus...

IMG_5296 lobby arrangement

... sago palm leaves, Asiatic lilies, orchids, kangaroo paws, and ruscus,

IMG_5297 eremerus Lobby arrangement

...but we were bowled over when an oasis of tropical flowers blossomed at their feet. 

IMG_5347 lobby arrangements

The glass containers by Accent Decor allowed the crew to easily refresh the florals throughout the week.

IMG_5344 lobby arrangement oasis

IMG_5367 Lobby arrangement detail

Bravo to Wil and Kren for taking the concept of lobby flowers to the next level. 
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