Friday, October 15, 2010

Glass Pumpkins by Walker & Bowes

IMG_5867 glass pumpkins

It's October, so that must mean pumpkins and here in Palo Alto, it means glass pumpkins. I happened to be at the Stanford Shopping Center a couple of weeks ago and came upon a large glass pumpkin display by glass artists Walker & Bowes.

IMG_5863 Walker and Bowes glass pumpkins

Andrew Stanton, who was manning the concession stand, patiently allowed me to photograph the pumpkins.

IMG_5884 Andrew Stanton with glass pumpkins

He is standing next to one of the sculptures which gives the illusion that these pumpkins are lighter than air.

IMG_5887 Walker and Bowes glass pumpkin display

Andrew showed me their traditional orange pumpkins...

IMG_5881 traditional glass pumpkins

...but they also had orange pumpkins peppered with black glass "seeds".

IMG_5883 Walker and Bowes pumpkins

The ghostly-looking white pumpkins are à propos for the season.

IMG_5882 milky white glass pumpkins

These look like they've been caramelized.

IMG_5886 Walker and Bowes glass pumpkins

Even with all the fancy options, I still am delighted to find a simple little traditional pumpkin with a curly green stem and tiny juvenile leaf in a patch of grass.

IMG_5873 traditional glass pumpkin

I hope you are enjoying your autumn.
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