Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bouquets to Art 2010 - Part IV

DSC06509_1467 Ruth Asawa

For the last part of the Bouquets to Art 2010 tour, we will explore the lobby areas of the De Young Museum where San Francisco Bay Area floral artist created floral arrangements for the annual fundraiser.

I was delighted to find the lobby display by Howard Arendtson of H. Julien Designs in Berkeley. I saw these giant fiddlehead ferns all wrapped up in newsprint on a special-order shelf at the San Francisco Flower Mart a few days before this event. I guessed that they were intended for "Bouquets", as everyone at the mart calls it, and couldn't wait to see how they were going to be pressed into service.

DSC06500_1458 Fiddleheads

The fiddlehead ferns looked like they were ready to uncoil and grow into tree ferns like the ones in the atrium situated along the gently sloping staircase directly behind this arrangement.

DSC03371 De Young Ferns

The repetition of slate and triangular green grass was clever and I'm guessing that the "T" refers to the torqued tower of the museum building.

DSC02852 cas roof to de young

Diane de Pauli of Woodlands Floral in Kentfield created an explosion of green anthuriums, red gingers, kangaroo paws, and golden pincushion proteas spewing out of a grouping of glass cylinders.

DSC06503_1461 Woodland Floral Kent and Sickler

Around the corner, in the foyer by the elevator to the observation tower, is one of my favorite collections at the museum. Local artist, Ruth Asawa, crocheted heavy gauge wire to construct a dazzling set of hanging sculptures that create two-dimensional shadow partners.

DSC06514_1472 Ruth Asawa

DSC06510_1468 Ruth Asawa

Leighsa Montrose AIFD carefully chose plant materials that also cast intricate shadow patterns.

DSC06513_1471 Ruth Asawa Leighsa Montrose AIFD

The glass globe fishing buoys and succulents completed the nautical mood of Asawa's "fishnets".

DSC06508_1466 Ruth Asawa

To learn more about Ruth Asawa, watch this enlightening video. It showcases more of her inspiring art and shows the crocheted sculptures hanging from the rafters of sun room in her home.

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