Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

DSC02406 Peter Vizzusi
Pumpkin Patch
Glass Pumpkins by Peter Vizzusi

I know I promised that this post would be related to my previous post, but I just visited the 14th Annual Great Glass Pumpkin Patch at the Palo Alto Art Center and I can’t contain myself. I promise to reveal the identity of the rough-textured photograph of my previous post as soon as possible.

Every year glass blowers of the Bay Area Glass Institute  showcase their glass pumpkin art. Peter Vizzusi featured a patch of  iridescent beauties:

DSC02407 Pearlescent
Green Glass Pumpkin

I always enjoy seeing the traditional pumpkins, like this one by Shannon Morgan at Girl Glass:

DSC02408 Traditional Glass Pumpkin

I think this very large clear pumpkin, by Truck Dog Glass, transported Cinderella to the ball:
DSC02394 Truck Dog Glass
- Clear Pumpkin

These earth-toned pumpkins look at home as the autumn leaves fall between them:

DSC02399 Truck Dog Glass
Pumpkin Patch

This fist-sized black and gold one created a buzz of excitement:

DSC02409 Gold and Black
Glass Pumpkin

This is the first time I saw pumpkins fashioned into teapots. I especially like this one by Ken and Ingrid Hanson:

DSC02415 Glass Pumpkin

If you are in the vicinity of Palo Alto, CA it is worthwhile to visit the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch:

DSC02422 Glass Pumpkin Patch

Exhibition runs through Friday. The pumpkins go on sale this weekend (rain or shine).
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