Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crochet Coral Reef Sculptures Explain Mathematics

Image from here.

My thanks to Patricia Powell Kessler for posting this TED video on the sidebar of her blog. This talk appeals to me on so many levels. Margaret Wertheim discusses marine biology, the mathematics of hyperbolic geometry, textiles, folk art, environmental activism, and the passion of spontaneous creativity.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recycled materials at Symposium 2011

IMG_5553 Pallet love - cropped

The AIFD florists at Symposium 2011 proved that sustainable business practices don’t have to be boring or dreary, but in fact can be playful and beautiful.  

These pallets were elevated to a new high as grouped calla lilies, steel grass, hala leaves, and eremurus strike a pose reinforcing the geometric lines, while the orange roses and anthuriums provide a perfect accent.

IMG_5553 Pallet love

Lois Hiranaga, AIFD used the whimsical Pinocchio rug as a youthful backdrop against sunflowers and crespedia. 

IMG_5925 sunflowers and rug

I smiled when I saw this display of Chinese steam baskets...

IMG_5557 Chinese Steam Basket arrangement

...wafting with fresh flowers.

IMG_5791 Chinese steam basket flower arrangement

The next time you trim your birch tree, rather than filling the dump or burning the branches in your fireplace, follow Gerry Gregg’s lead and slice them into discs to create a unique, reusable, 100% natural base. 

IMG_5860 Gerry Gregg flowers

Who knew that plastic water and soda bottles...

IMG_5730 recycled plastic water bottle arrangement in progress

...could look so great with phaleonopsis orchids and albino gloriosa lilies...

IMG_5785 recycled water bottles flower arrangement

...and be illuminated into pillars for a green, urban look?

IMG_5779 recycled soda bottle  arrangement

How great would it be to see these freesias and hala leaves springing from an urban landscape?

IMG_5742 Urban arrangement with hala and freesia

Taking these lessons to heart, I decided to re purpose Tracy’s award-winning napkin decorations and add an organic touch to the lampshades in our hotel room.

IMG_5430 Tracy Lou napkin decoration recycled

IMG_5427 Tracy Lou napkin or  lampshade decoration

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