Friday, October 14, 2011

"America, Let It Shine" Quilt by Sherry Reynolds

DSC06832 America, Let It Shine - Sherry Reynolds

Yesterday I took my mother to the Pacific International Quilt Festival XX in Santa Clara. If you are only going to see one quilt, I recommend you battle your way to the masterpiece "America, Let It Shine" by Sherry Reynolds. You may have to wait a bit before you can see it in its entirety.

  DSC06828 America, Let It Shine - Sherry Reynolds

In the mean time, you may start by reading the tag. You will understand that the use of graph paper explains how Reynolds achieved absolute precision and uniformity of symmetry.

DSC06829 America, Let It Shine - Sherry Reynolds

You'll be impressed that she used a 20-year-old Bernina 1001 to create the free motion quilt design.

DSC06827 America, Let It Shine - Sherry Reynolds

The quilt is steeped with symbolic meaning.  The thirteen original colonies are represented in the border's blue rays and red triangles:

DSC06826 America, Let It Shine - Sherry Reynolds

The 4,886 Swarovski crystals that embellish this quilt represent the sum of the 4,543 words of the Constituion, 312 words of the Star Spangled Banner, and 31 words of the Pledge of Allegiance.

DSC06833 America, Let It Shine - Sherry Reynolds

Reynolds incorporated parts of American history by using parts of the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble of the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address.

DSC06840 America, Let It Shine - Sherry Reynolds = the pursuit of happiness

You will know that her goal to create "a tribute to America, our foundations and values, with the hope that they will guide us to a brighter future" was achieved from top to bottom and front to back. 

DSC06824 America, Let It Shine - Sherry Reynolds

The show runs through Sunday at the Santa Clara Convention Center. More information here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Willow Manor Ball 2011 - Isn't It Romantic?

I have no doubt that this year's Willow Manor Ball of virtual fantasy will be every bit as fun as last year's. Time sneaked up on me this year and I feel a bit unprepared. I don't even have a date yet because Southern Gentleman Husband is traveling on business. Then there is the perpetual problem of not having a thing to wear. At least I can put on some lipstick while I search for a gown.


As luck would have it, Count Hubert de Givenchy happened to call for a chat. Not only did he offer me one of his vintage gowns, but he agreed to escort me to the ball.

Image from here

Since the ball is Black and White this year, it didn't take long for me to decide to wear the luscious gown he designed for Sabrina. Darling Hubert promptly brought the gown to me and I was pleased how well it fit my tiny figure. He also agreed to take my poodles to his salon for the evening. The boys were hesitant at first but I promised, if they were good, they would get a treat when we got there.

Image from here

I'm so glad that the gown has a black petticoat to protect against the Paris sidewalks. On my way out, I slipped my phone into my Guisseppe Zanotti's clutch. The black Swarovski crystals give just the right amount of sparkle.

Giuseppe Zanotti clutch

I always love coming to Hubert's elegant salon. We had just enough time for an aperitif while the boys devoured a tray of canine petit fours the chef always has on hand.

Hubert de Givenchy's Salon by Jeffrey Bailey

Now it's time to stroll to the ball.

and join the party...

Image from here

...decorated with black and white anemones at every table...

Image from here

...even the food tables were dotted with anemones.

We were delighted to see our favorite clips of Sabrina while Rod Stewart crooned. 

Thank you, Willow, for hosting another splendid evening!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple Love

DSC06772 apple love

My Southern Gentleman Husband and I were invited to dinner by our dear friends Dirk and Josine this weekend. I brought this meandering centerpiece, partially to honor Steve Jobs, but also because I know that Josine adores apples. The tulips are a nod to our hosts' Dutch roots and I chose acorns because Josine's maiden name means oak tree. The winter berries? Just because.

It was a wonderful evening catching up with each other over wine, a gourmet home-cooked meal, and thought-provoking conversation.  Thank you Dirk and Josine, we cherish your friendship.
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